What Drives QoE of a Service?
February 27, 2021

The accurate benchmarking and scoring of networks that cover large geographic areas requires careful consideration
of a number of factors. These include the technology used, the extent of coverage offered, mobile device evolution,
customer population distribution, network usage, and tariff offerings. 

Best QoE [Quailty of Experience] in daily life for a customer guarantees satisfaction
and minimizes the churn rate.

The Basic Questions for Best QoE:

  • How good is my network or my service?
  • Where I can improve my network or service at the most efficient?

Test Metrics of Mobile Services

For all the considered service types, the basic idea is to rate three aspects of the service, where possible:

  • Service availability/retainability (e.g. success ratio, drop ratio).
  • Service access time (e.g. video access time or call setup time).
  • Quality of the media transfer (e.g. listening quality, time to present the webpage content).

Each of the aspects is described and scored by one or more quality indicators. Usually, there is one indicator for rating
the average performance (e.g. average call setup time), other indicators rate superior or low performance (e.g. 10th and
90th percentile or the ratio of tests exceeding a certain threshold).

People rating in ‘service categories’

  • I am convinced by calling via WhatsApp.
  • I am not happy with Browsing on my mobile phone.
  • I have issues with my TV service.

The Main KPIs for QoE 

  • Telephony

  • Video Streaming

  • Data Testing

  • Browsing

  • Social Media and Messaging

How to combine and how to make the most gain in QoE?

This is an excellent example from R&S Mobile Test as there are set of weighting factors, limits, and thresholds


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