Mobile Package Training


This training presents the evolutional path of mobile systems starting with 2G systems (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) through 3G (WCDMA, HSxPA), 4G (LTA, LTE-A) systems to 5G and IoT standards following 3GPP documentation and real-world implementations. Among different aspects of mobile systems, major pressure is put on network architecture including radio access and core network. Additionally, the course also covers the evolution of services and different call scenarios.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone willing to understand the differences between 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G systems and the way they can coexist in a telecoms environment providing high-speed mobile access to diversified services.


Ability to understand technical subjects. 

Training Structure 

24 Hours, 8-days training divided into logical sessions (3 Hours per day).

Starting Date: Saturday, July 11, 2020


Instructor-led training (Online)

Training Content

GSM (2G) Training Topics: 

  • Introduction to Communication.
  • Transmission Medium Types.
  • GSM (2G) History.
  • GSM (2G) Evolution.
  • History of cellular networks
  • GSM Architecture.
  • GSM Air Interface.
  • GSM Call scenario.
  • GSM Handover.
  • GSM Location Update.
  • GSM Power Control.
  • GSM Performance Measurement. 

UMTS(3G) Training Topics: 

  • Evolution to 3G.
  • UMTS Wireless Technology.
  • WCDMA Wireless Fundamental.
  • Coverage and Capacity Principles.
  • UMTS Network Topology.
  • UMTS Power Control.
  • UMTS Handover.
  • UMTS Radio Interface.
  • 3G Call Scenario.
  • 3G Problem.
  • 3G Troubleshooting.

LTE(4G) Training Topics: 

  • LTE Introduction.
  • LTE Drivers.
  • LTE Benefits.
  • LTE technology basics.
  • LTE Network Architecture.
  • LTE Air Interface.
  • LTE Physical Layer.
  • LTE Radio Interface protocols.
  • LTE Radio Channels.
  • LTE Mobility.
  • LTE Procedures.
  • LTE Power Control.
  • MIMO Technology.

5G Training Topics: 

  • 5G Concepts and Drivers:
  • 5G Key Drivers.
  • 5G Standardization.
  • Use cases and performance objectives.
  • 5G Technology Enablers.

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