Open Interfaces by O-RAN Alliance
July 30, 2021

The O-RAN ALLIANCE e.V. specifies profiles for 3GPP RAN interfaces to achieve interoperability among different vendors. So far, profiles for open X2, open Xn, and open F1 interfaces have been published.

Open Interfaces by O-RAN Alliance
  • Open X2 enables operators providing 5G Non-StandAlone to introduce 5G NR base stations (gNBs) independently of the vendor providing 4G LTE base stations (eNBs).

  • Open Xn allows operators providing 5G StandAlone to introduce gNBs from different vendors in the same geographical area.

  • Open F1 provides similar multi-vendor benefits as the open fronthaul but at the higher layer split between CU and DU

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