The Best Analogy for OpenRAN is IKEA
January 6, 2023

For example, if we are looking at 5G RAN which is composed of a variety of subsystems including network elements such as the baseband unit (BBU) and remote radio Unit (RRU), and low-level software such as the operating system OS, containers, hardware including servers, Ethernet adapters and more.

All of these elements in the OpenRAN world can be from Multi-Vendor and need to be integrated and validated for the best overall system functionality and performance.

In the Legacy network, all of these elements are by default pre-integrated from the RAN vendor which means Vendor LockIn.

However, Integration in OpenRAN systems is executed differently because these solutions are multivendor by nature, with each software or hardware component potentially coming from a different vendor.

So OpenRAN enables the flexibility to customize Open RAN solutions for diverse deployments. 

The same for IKEA, you have different items that are already tested to work together and you can integrate them by yourself in Home. which will reduce the integration time but with Vital conditions:

  • Testing.
  • Verifying.
  • Openness.
  • Interoperability with high performance.

Let’s take the IKEA business model to our RAN environment 🙂

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