Open RAN in a few words!
March 4, 2024

Going from expectations to reality means Open RAN is on the right road to go from reality to expectations. It’ll take some time and needs more cooperation between MNOs and OpenRAN vendors.

Open RAN Architecture (Source: KDDI)
  •  Open RAN is about choosing the optimal product from a variety of products that meet specifications for each function -> Meaning avoiding Vendor lock-in.
    Reality: So far, we are still exploring Single_Open_RAN vendor which means Open RAN hasn’t achieved yet the optimum goal in this area.
  • Open RAN is about making Fronthaul OPEN, So you can mix and match between RU from any vendor with DU from another vendor.
    Reality: Still there are some interoprability issues between OpenRAN Software vendors and RUs vendors which need more efforts in the testing and integration phase to add more certificates.
  • Open RAN is about moving from dedicated HW to COTS servers which are standardized ones.
    Reality: Still there are some performance gaps between COTS and dedicated which makes sense and will take some time.

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