In Simple Words, What is 5G ?
March 30, 2021

I like this definition from the CTIA report:

5G is the Innovation Platform

5G is the next generation of wireless. It’s more than just an evolutionary step forward technologically. It’s a revolutionary leap. These wireless networks, rolling out in communities across the country, will be transformative—making our lives better, our communities safer, and our nation more prosperous. Just like 4G wireless, 5G wireless networks will improve in functionality, speed, and reach every year this decade. 


Also, There’re many sentences that describe 5G from GSMA 5G Survey as below: 

  • 5G will transform the mobile broadband experience in early deployments and drive new intelligent automation use cases later.
  • 5G as technology will evolve over time and leverage a variety of spectrum ranges, plus robust security, to support new use cases.
  • 5G will start as an urban-focused technology and integrate with 4G to provide boundless connectivity for all.
  • 5G will deliver revenue growth to mobile operators, with a 2.5% CAGR in the early 5G era.


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