What is difference of the network slice selection in 4G and 5G networks?
September 10, 2020

In 4G network systems, it was near impossible to install new services in the network for a UE. 

In the 5G network, the slice selection policy can be configured dynamically through URSP, while slice selection policy is pre-defined and cannot be changed dynamically in the 4G network. Through the URSP feature, 5G network operators can easily configure new service for a UE. So What is URSP feature?

Along with the concept of network slicing and features in the RAN and Core network, UE Route Selection Policy (URSP) is introduced as a way to manage network slice information for the UE. URSP is a network slice feature enabled by the PCF which informs the network slice status to the UE via the AMF.

Difference of the network slice selection in 4G and 5G networks

Source: Samsung

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