What is PEI in 5G?
May 20, 2020

What is PEI in 5G?

PEI: Permanent Equipment Identifier

In 5G, the PEI is the means by which the network identifies the User Equipment (for devices that are capable of accessing a 3GPP network, the PEI will be an IMEI).

  • A Permanent Equipment Identifier (PEI) is defined for the 3GPP UE accessing the 5G System.
  • The PEI can assume different formats for different UE types and use cases.
  • The UE shall present the PEI to the network together with an indication of the PEI format being used.

If the UE supports at least one 3GPP access technology, the UE must be allocated a PEI in the IMEI format.

  • IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identifier.

What is the 5G Network Function (NF) that responsible for PEI?

The NF that responsible for PEI is 5G-Equipment Identity Register (5G-EIR) which checks the status of PEI (e.g. to check that it has not been blacklisted).


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