What Is SCEF in NB-IoT?

SCEF stands for “Service Capability Exposure Function” which is a recent node designed for machine-type data mainly.

It is used for the delivery of non-IP data over the control plane and provides an interface for network services (authentication and authorization, discovery and access network capabilities).

The SCEF is the key entity within the 3GPP architecture for service capability exposure that provides a means to expose the services and capabilities provided by 3GPP network interfaces securely to external entities to support IoT

SCEF Functions:

  • Discovery of the exposed service capabilities.
  • Access to network capabilities.
  • Abstracts the services.

The SCEF may be used in a standalone way. The SCEF can operate in this type of deployment by the Mobile Network Operator or any trusted side.

From operators point of view, SCEF was considered as a good opportunity. Now, operators need the SCEF so that LPWA technologies like NB-IoT can be deployed.