What is the difference between 4G and 5G Identity Security ?
September 7, 2022

🔐 4G Identity Security Vs. 5G Identity Security 🔐

“One of the issues with using IMSI in 2G/3G/4G is there were a few occasions where the IMSI was sent over the clear – meaning the IMSIs of subscribers nearby could be revealed to anyone listening”

In 5G privacy, even before authentication and key agreement, by encrypting the SUPI before transmitting using a Home Network public key, which is stored in the USIM.

4G Vs. 5G Security

Unlike earlier generations, 5G security specifications do not allow plain-text transmissions of the SUPI (Subscription Permanent Identifier) over the radio interface. Instead, the 5G Preserve identifier containing the concealed SUPI is transmitted. This concealed SUPI is known as SUCI (Subscription Concealed Identifier).

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