What is the difference between OpenRAN, ORAN, Open RAN, vRAN and Cloud RAN?
October 26, 2022

  • Open RAN: Industry Term for Open Radio Access Network Architecture with open interoperable interfaces, Virtualization, and AI/ML-enabled RAN.
  • OpenRAN: Initiatives are driven by TIP’s OpenRAN Project group.
  • O-RAN: It refers to O-RAN Alliance Community.
  • vRAN: Virtualized radio access networks (vRANs) are a way for operators to run their baseband functions as Software.
  • Cloud RAN: It is a virtualization RAN that is designed to be Cloud-Native and built with microservices, CI/CD, and Containerization.
Open RAN, ORAN, OpenRAN, vRAN and Cloud RAN

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