What is the difference between Private Networks and Network Slicing?
July 23, 2021

As per GSMA in the last white paper, Securing private networks in the 5G era

Private Network

  • A private (mobile) network is where network infrastructure is used exclusively by devices authorized by the end-user organization. The infrastructure is typically deployed in one or more specific locations owned or occupied by the organization.
  • Devices that are registered on public mobile networks will not work on the private network unless specifically authorized.
  • These are more formally known as ‘non-public networks‘, but the term ‘private network’ is more commonly used across vertical industries.
Source: Qualcomm

Network Slicing

  • Network slicing is a logical separation of the network that allows bandwidth to be allocated to specific services.
  • The slices can be tailored to the needs of an organization in terms of required quality of service, speed, security, and latency.
  • Network slicing will also be available on the public 5G network to provide seamless service operation for
    hybrid private/public network use cases.

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