What is The Difference Between vRAN and Open RAN?
October 5, 2022

Both Open RAN and vRAN offer a significant benefit by separating RAN hardware from software. Consequently, software for the virtualized Centralized Units and Distributed Units (vCU/DUs) can run on any Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware. This support for commodity hardware enables operators to reduce capital costs by taking advantage of the economies of scale afforded by COTS and web-scale General Purpose Processors (GPP). 

vRAN Vs. Open RAN

The primary drawback of vRAN is that it uses proprietary interfaces between radios and other network elements, thereby locking the operator into a single RAN vendor.

Open RAN opens the software interfaces to other network elements, giving the operator the freedom to combine RAN gear from multiple vendors. For example, the best vDU/CU software solution may be different than the best radio hardware.

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