Test Your 5G Knowledge
August 8, 2020

Welcome to Moniem Tech 5G Knowledge Test

Test your 5G Skills! 

1. 3GPP Initial release for 5G
2. In non-standalone mode, the mobile device uses 4G and 5G networks simultaneously
3. Bandwidth parts is a new concept in 5G?
4. One of AMF Functions in 5G is
5. 5G gNB can be Splitted to RU,CU and DU
6. The modulation schemes in NR are similar to LTE
7. CA stands for
8. What are the 5G Use Cases?
9. The first phase of NR DL uses ...
10. In LTE-A Carrier Aggregation, a maximum of 5 CCs can be aggregated?
11. What is SS block?
12. 5G mmWave Spectrum frequency Ranges
13. In 5G Stand Alone (SA), No need for LTE network upgrades
14. What is the maximum number of hybrid ARQ process possible in NR?
15. One of gNB Functions in 5G is
16. What are the different RRC states in NR?
17. In 5G NSA, Existing LTE Connected mode used
18. Option 7x is considered as ...
19. In Dual Connectivity Scenario ENDC, LTE eNB acts as Master Node
20. To optimize signal strength at the mobile device, NR uses a combination of analog and digital beamforming.

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