Test Your Open RAN Knowledge
April 19, 2021

Welcome to Moniem Tech Open RAN Knowledge Test

Test your 5G Skills! 

1. The O-RAN Alliance was founded in
2. .......... of total cost of ownership of a network is in the RAN.
3. The interface ... between SMO and O-Cloud
4. The Midhaul recommended Split by O-RAN is
5. The .... is the best for DUs-RUs splitting 
6. Non-real-time RIC and A1 Interface is one of responsibilities of ....
7. Openness means ..
8. ... enables operators to support explosive growth in data demand through the use of NFV
9. With traffic split 8, all functions except for RF are handled by the CU
10. The interface ... between O-CU-CP and O-CU-UP
11. CU: this is the Centralized Unit that runs the MAC and PDCP layers.
12. The O-Cloud is a cloud computing platform that is made up of the physical infrastructure nodes using O-RAN architecture.
13. The primary goal of ............ is to support intelligent RAN optimization by providing policy-based guidance
14. The ......  is the best candidate for CU-DUs splitting 
15. The O-RAN .... includes an integration fabric and data services for the functions it manages.
16. O-RAN Alliance has ... Working Groups
17. The CU is responsible for real time layer 1 and lower layer 2
18. The Fronthaul becomes much more challenging with 5G.
19. The fronthaul recommended split by O-RAN is
20. Open ran is disaggregated RAN functionality built using open interface specifications between elements.

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