Test Your ORAN Knowledge
August 14, 2021

Welcome to Moniem Tech ORAN Knowledge Test

Test your ORAN Skills! 

1. Split option ....... is currently supported in ORAN Architecture
2. O-eNB, O-CU-CP, O-CU-UP and O-DU are called ...
3. The O-RAN specification work has been divided into ... technical workgroups
4. ..... is responsible for Downlink and uplink baseband processing
5. O-RAN OAM Architecture must support management of Managed Functions contained within a Managed Element
6. WG10 is responsible for the OAM requirements, OAM architecture and the O1 interface.
7. The objective of WG3 is to deliver truly open fronthaul interfaces, in which multi-vendor DU-RRU interoperability can be realized.
8. Traffic Steering is one of O-RAN Key Use Cases
9. O-RAN ALLIANCE has been founded in February ....
10. The primary goal of .......... is to support non-real-time intelligent radio resource management, higher layer procedure optimization, policy optimization in RAN
11. O-RAN ALLIANCE’s mission is to re-shape the ....... industry towards more intelligent, open, virtualised and fully interoperable mobile networks.
12. The Open Interfaces are supported in ORAN Architecture
13. Optimize how RAN resources are allocated between users.
14. xApp descriptor describes the packaging format of xApp image
15. DISH Network is one of the Founded Member of ORAN Alliance
16. WG1 focus on .....
17. ......... focuses on the transport domain
18. The .........introduces a new control loop in the system on a time scale between traditional management (minutes/hours)
19. The objective of this work is to provide fully operable multi-vendor profile specifications
20. One of RIC use cases is Massive MIMO Optimization

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