Greater speeds. Increased capacity. Network slicing. Millimeter wavelength. Edge computing.
The long list of technical capabilities makes for a clear and compelling answer to the question, “What is 5G?
The time to take action is now.The need for transformation, immediate.
There is no time to wait as waiting will only make it harder to capitalize on 5G investments.


Engineers, Sales Staff, Support Staff and Managers involved in the planning, and maintenance of mobile and wireless technologies and environments.


Familiarity with telecommunications and general engineering terminology is assumed. Some understanding of LTE cellular systems would be beneficial.


Module 1 

  • Defining 5G.
  • Why 5G is different?
  • Why do we need 5G?
  • Who is interested in using 5G?
  • How is the 5G standard developed?
  • 5G motivations, drivers and opportunities.
  • Innovation to deliver 5G.
  • Market insights, global trends, 5G forecast.
  • 5G Technology Vision.

Module 2

  • 5G disruptive capabilities.
  • 5G design principles.
  • 5G key enabling technologies.
  • 5G Spectrum considerations.
  • 5G Potential Use Cases.
  • Fixed wireless Access Special Study.
  • Cloud VR/AR Study.
  • Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication Study.
  • Tactile internet and its deployment phase.

Module 3

  • The Economic Impact of 5G Deployments.
  • E2E 5G architecture options.
  • 5G performance.
  • 5G Business Model.
  • 5G Monetization.
  • Example of costs and investment implications.

Module 4

  • 5G Opportunities & Challenges.
  • The Key challenges to implementing 5G networks.
  • Overcoming the risks and enhancing the rewards on 5G implementation.
  • Security Innovation and Thought Leadership for 5G.
  • The Road to Network Sharing.
  • Public Private Partnership.
  • Regulatory Hurdles.
  • What are the health risks associated with a 5G network?

Module 5

  • IoT in 5G World Study.
  • Need for Smart Cities.
  • Smart Cities: Services and Applications.
  • Smart Cities: ICT Requirements.
  • Current Limitations in Implementing Smart Cities.
  • Impact of 5G Technologies on Smart City Implementation.


  • Live.
  • Online.


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