LTE Radio Channels
May 4, 2018

Different channels are used for data to be transported through the LTE radio interface. These channels are used to separate the various types of data and allow the data to be transported across the radio network in an organized manner.

Effectively the different channels provide interfaces to the higher layers within the LTE protocol structure and enable orderly and defined segregation of the data.

LTE Channel Types:

Data channels may be grouped into three categories:

  • Physical channels:  transmission channels that control messages and convey user data.
  • Transport channels:  transfers information to Medium Access Control (MAC) and higher layers, and it is the actual physical layer.
  • Logical channels:  provide services for the Medium Access Control layer compliant with the LTE protocol system.

Logical Channel Types:

Transport Channel Types:

Physical Channel Types:

Multiplexing of Channels:

  • Nokia.
  • 3GPP TR 36.931

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