5G Release 15 All Features
January 25, 2019

At this article, I’ll give you an overview of 5G Release 15 features and the process to get further information for each feature from 3GPP website.

5G is similar to 4G technology in the sense that it is an evolving standard, which is planned for and created by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and International Telecommunications Union (ITU). 
The ITU’s IMT-2020 preparations and 3GPP Release 15 specifications lay the foundations for early 5G technology and rollouts.

Release 15 is the set of standards detailing the use of the 5G New Radio standard as it applies to networks, software, silicon, handsets, and the broader telecom ecosystem. It will facilitate the ability for the public to upload and download large-scale amounts of data faster and cleaner; the same holds true for enterprises increasingly dependent on hybrid cloud services.
3GPP is launching Release 15 to the industry in 3 main steps:

  • ‘Early’ drop: includes Non-standalone 5G specifications (so-called Option-3 family), ASN.1 frozen in March 2018;
  • ‘Main’ drop: includes Standalone 5G (so-called Option-2), ASN.1 frozen in September 2018;
  • ‘Late’ drop: includes additional migration architectures (so-called Option-4, Option-7, and 5G-5G dual connectivity), ASN.1 to be frozen in June 2019.

Release 15 features

UID Name Acronym
740005 5G System 5GS_Ph1
750019 Charging Aspects of 5G System Architecture FS_5GS_Ph1_CH
720005 (Stage 1 of 5G) New Services and Markets Technology Enablers SMARTER
740061 Stage 2 of 5G System 5GS_Ph1
750016 Security aspects of 5G System 5GS_Ph1-SEC
750025 CT aspects of 5G System  5GS_Ph1-CT
750026 Studies on CT1 aspects of 5G System 5GS_Ph1-CT
770042 Study on 5G Network selection 5GS_Ph1-CT
770043 Study on 5G Mobility management 5GS_Ph1-CT
770044 Study on 5G Session management 5GS_Ph1-CT
770045 Study on 5G Non-3GPP access networks 5GS_Ph1-CT
770046 Study on 5G Interworking with EPC 5GS_Ph1-CT
770047 5G System CN impact on services, network functions, and capabilities 5GS_Ph1-CT
770048 Study on 5G Network slicing 5GS_Ph1-CT
780008 CT1 aspects of 5G System (normative work) 5GS_Ph1-CT
780009 5G Network selection 5GS_Ph1-CT
780010 5G Mobility management 5GS_Ph1-CT
780011 5G Session management 5GS_Ph1-CT
780012 5G Non-3GPP access networks 5GS_Ph1-CT
780013 5G Interworking with EPC 5GS_Ph1-CT
780014 5G System CN impact on services, network functions, and capabilities 5GS_Ph1-CT
780015 5G Network slicing 5GS_Ph1-CT
750027 CT3 aspects of 5G System 5GS_Ph1-CT
750028 CT4 aspects of 5G System 5GS_Ph1-CT
750029 Study on CT6 aspects of 5G System 5GS_Ph1-CT
760029 IMS impact due to 5GS IP-CAN 5GS_Ph1-IMSo5G
770017 CT1 aspects of IMSo5G 5GS_Ph1-IMSo5G
770018 CT3 aspects of IMSo5G 5GS_Ph1-IMSo5G
770019 CT4 aspects of IMSo5G 5GS_Ph1-IMSo5G
780034 Service Based Interface for 5G Charging 5GS_Ph1-SBI_CH
780035 Data Charging in 5G System Architecture  5GS_Ph1-DCH
750035 EPC enhancements to support 5G NR via DC EDCE5
750012 SA2 aspects of EDCE5 EDCE5
750036 SA3 aspects of EDCE5 EDCE5
760001 CT aspects of EDCE5 EDCE5-CT
760068 CT1 aspects of EDCE5 EDCE5-CT
760069 CT3 aspects of EDCE5 EDCE5-CT
760070 CT4 aspects of EDCE5 EDCE5-CT
760062 Charging aspects of EDCE5: PS Charging enhancements to support 5G NR via Dual Connectivity EDCE5-CH
750067 New Radio Access Technology NR_newRAT
750167 Core part: New Radio Access Technology NR_newRAT-Core
750267 Perf. part: New Radio Access Technology NR_newRAT-Perf
750072 LTE connectivity to 5G-CN LTE_5GCN_connect
750172 Core part: LTE connectivity to 5G-CN LTE_5GCN_connect-Core
760087 UE Conformance Test Aspects – 5G system with NR and LTE 5GS_NR_LTE-UEConTest

 The Process to get feature further information

1- Enter the 3GPP Ultimate web site: https://portal.3gpp.org 

2- It is essential that the “Customized Selection” is set to “All TSGs” (otherwise, a filter would be applied).

3- Then select the “Work Plan” tab and search by Acronym name the feature name as below. In the results, the icon depicting some binoculars has to be hit (lower right red arrow on the figure below).
4-This will lead to the page shown in the figure below:
The two links pointed by the red arrows in the figure above lead to the pages containing respectively all the Specifications and all the Change Requests (CRs) linked to this Feature.

Source: 3GPP TR 21.915

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