10 Learned Lessons from 5G Asia!

I summarized these #10 5G Learned Lessons from #5G_Asia and RCRWireless report about this big event 

1- Operators should focus on replacing their legacy networks to pave the way to all IP networks, with new IT infrastructure rather than telco components. 

2- A standalone 5G network requires a much more IT-centric approach to can support different use cases and automatically provisioning networks.

3- CUPS, Virtualisation, and Cloudification are the secret keys to migration the Core Network.

4- Seamless SIM activation is mandatory when upgrading to new G.

5- Bringing data center to the edge and going to cloud transformation will help some functions happen as needed with no manual intervention.

6- 5G isn’t just about the radio access network, It’s about virtualization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things and enterprise enablement.

7- If you want to go fast, certainly go alone. If you want to go far, go together. So Open Souce Software is another secret Key. 

8- Open RAN is the start of the business transformation of the industry.

9- A cloud-first strategy takes cost out of 5G. 

10- Creating new use cases will solve the world’s problems and will monetize the 5G Network. 


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