Why do MNOs need to shift to DSS?
November 8, 2020

DSS: Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

DSS technology has been introduced by the industry to enable 5G services to be delivered in LTE networks to accelerate the availability of 5G services.

Traditionally mobile network operators had two main options to deploy new cellular technologies, as follows:

  • Spectrum re-farming, which re-uses the spectrum licensed by mobile operators migrating or replacing the radio access network of conventional cellular technologies, including radio controllers and radios, with network elements that support this new cellular technology.
    This option potentially impacts customer
    experience if they are forced to migrate mobile services and devices, or it can be done gradually incentivizing customers to migrate and experience new services and benefits; however, this migration typically increases mobile charges and can take several months or years to complete.

  • Spectrum Acquisition, which requires mobile operators to go through the process of licensing a new spectrum that can be assigned for the deployment of new cellular technologies.
    This option does not disrupt the services of
    existing customers; however, it is an expensive and lengthy proposition since it requires the acquisition or licensing of new spectrum bands from the government and the acquisition of new radio access elements.

DSS effectively creates a third option for mobile operators to deploy new technology, without disrupting existing customers, and minimizing the implicit cost and extended time of spectrum re-farming and spectrum acquisition.

For more details about DSS, watch the DSS series on my Youtube Channel:


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