What is the difference between Traditional RAN and Open RAN?
April 16, 2021

Open and virtualized RAN, Open vRAN refers to a disaggregated approach of deploying virtualized mobile networks by using open and interoperable protocols and interfaces, implemented over a common propose hardware in a multi-vendor
software environment, allowing increased flexibility over traditional RAN architectures., aiming to provide OPEX and CAPEX savings while fostering innovation.

Traditional RAN Vs. Open RAN

Traditional RAN

  • Protocol stack that runs on proprietary hardware.
  • Radio Unit and BBU are connected via proprietary interfaces.
  • Single vendor provides both Radio Unit and BBU.

Open RAN

  • Standardized SW-centric approach based on commoditized hardware.
  • Open standard interfaces that ensure deployment of multi-vendor RU and CU/DU ecosystem, powered by an open-source. AI/ML-based platform designed for non and near-RT network functions (RIC).

Source: Deloitte

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