My view for vRAN and OpenRAN Success
February 22, 2024

vRAN and OpenRAN are not new generations like 4G, 5G, or even 6G. It’s a new way of implementing of access domain in a new way helping at the end to improve the flexibility, cost, and agility in the RAN domain.

Some points should be considered below:

  • Selecting the right vendor that has a good solution that aligns with MNO’s network architecture and software stack.
  • Multi-vendor Interoperability, especially between Software and Hardware manufacturers.
  • Fronthaul dimension and interoperability between RUs and DUs.
  • Proof of TCO reduction in a brown field not just a green field in different environments from rural to urban.
  • Infrastructure sharing and common operations from edge to core network:
  • The importance of selecting an appropriate accelerator type that aligns with the MNOs’ network architecture and requirements associated with their deployment scenarios. 
  • Enhancing cell capacity and power efficiency compared to traditional RAN.
  • Selecting the right orchestration function that is essential to automate and centrally manage the configuration, provisioning, and scaling of vRAN components.

Why RAN Must Be OPEN?

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