Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) Trials in Saudi Arabia
December 10, 2023

No doubt that Saudi Arabia is moving faster towards digital transformation including Connectivity for everyone. For that reason, you can see many trials in the NTN program. This is a summary of each trial and a simple definition for it in Airborne What is 5G NTN? 5G NTN will enable seamless roaming between terrestrial and […]

What is 5G Non-terrestrial network (NTN) Solution?
August 5, 2023

From the perspective of global network coverage, more than 80% of land areas and 95% of sea areas are not covered by ground cellular networks. The 5G network was built not only to provide high network speeds, but also ubiquitous mobile network access. However, in remote areas such as mountainous areas, deserts, and the ocean, […]