The Convergence between Mobile Technologies and Wi-Fi
May 28, 2024

In 2021, I wrote this article about 5G and Wifi 6 convergence, and then in 2023, I addressed this big question: Are 5G and WiFi6E Friends or Competitors?  Conclusion of these articles if you don’t have time to read them as below: 📗The integration of 5G and Wi-Fi is poised to become more ubiquitous. Using […]

FCC approves Wi-Fi 6E, So What is Wi-Fi 6E?
April 25, 2020

FCC approves Wi-Fi 6E, allowing unlicensed use of 6 GHz band for Wi-Fi Before going to explain WiFi 6E, First, let’s remember WiFi 6. Wi-Fi 6 and previous generations of Wi-Fi use the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio bands. A “Wi-Fi 6E” device is one that is capable of operating on the 6 GHz […]